Performance Comparison of Single Screw Air Compressor vs Twin Screw Air Compressor:

1. Single screw air compressor is theoretically advanced than twin screw because it balances radial force But the twin screw passes the SKF bearing to balance the radial force of the rotor. Since the single-screw gear and rotor are made in China, the raw materials and processing technology and precision cannot guarantee that it is as advanced as the theory.
2, single screw air compressor technically no twin screw maturity, it has no industry standard, national standard, the machine has the right to explain the fault to the manufacturer, and the twin screw must meet the national standard And industry standard GB8542, TB/T6430.
3, through the single screw and two star wheels meshing compressed air, the three directly contact, resulting in a more serious friction between the star wheel and the rotor, the time is not long, the internal leakage of the machine head, the exhaust volume is reduced. The twin-screw is engaged by the male and female rotors, and there is an oil film between the two rotors without direct contact, the friction is small, and the displacement does not change with time.
4, the single-screw main motor speed is 2970 rev / min 鈡, the lowest 1480 rev / min, the twin-screw main motor is energy-saving motor, the speed is 1460 rev / min 鈡, the higher the speed, the greater the wear. Therefore, the single-screw motor bearing wears severely and increases operating costs.
5, the material of the single-screw star wheel is resin material, so it is easy to wear when the star wheel and the screw mesh with each other. The resin foam is mixed into the oil of the main machine, and the air compressor is prone to high temperature and shutdown.
6, the same model single screw group weight and external dimensions compared to the double screw heavy, large, twin screw oil rate & 2; PPM high.
7, the internationally renowned manufacturers of production technology is more advanced than China, but no single production of single screw machine, such as Germany's Paul, Japan's Kobelco, Sweden's Atlas, Japan's Hitachi, Germany Caesar In the United States, Ingersoll Rand, the base, etc. have not been adopted.
8, single screw production costs are lower, but to change the star wheel, maintenance costs, operating costs are high, otherwise the exhaust volume does not meet the specified requirements.
9, double single screw air compressor are imported from Germany, high efficiency, low speed, and the European and American markets.

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