Screw air compressor What are the most common faults during use? Under normal circumstances, the screw air compressor failure will be prompted on the PLC computer display. As the maintenance personnel of the screw air compressor, as long as the troubleshooting is carried out step by step according to the prompts, the problem can be solved quickly. Q: What is the cause of the high temperature of the screw air compressor? Answer: The problem of high temperature of screw air compressor is generally easy to occur in summer, mainly because the ambient temperature is relatively high. If the radiator is blocked at this time, the heat dissipation is poor, it is easy to cause high temperature shutdown of the air compressor, and there is temperature. Poor operation of the control valve, excessive use of lubricating oil, blockage of oil filter, etc. can cause high temperature failure of the air compressor. Q: What is the cause of the air compressor showing the fault of the host being unbalanced or blocked? A: If the air compressor computer screen shows that the host is unbalanced, the current is too large, or the host is blocked, etc., the terminal is loose, or the three-phase electric voltage imbalance in the factory is caused. Inspection from this aspect generally eliminates the problem. Q: Screw Air compressor shows loading, but what is the reason for not pumping? A: If the display of the screw air compressor is loaded, but there is no pressure display, it is obvious that the intake valve is not open, the intake valve is not open, of course, it cannot be inhaled. In this case, the oil is divided into barrels. To the components of the intake valve, the problem must be in this piece. Q: The screw air compressor shows unloading, but what is the reason why the pressure is still going up? A: This situation is exactly the opposite of the above, indicating that the intake valve is not closed tightly, the pressure has reached the upper limit, and the air pressure is naturally rising. In this case, the unloading solenoid valve can be generally solved. Q: Screw air compressor shows the pressure sensor. What is the cause of the temperature sensor failure? A: If the sensor is out of order, there are two possibilities. One is that the sensor is really damaged, and the other is that the wiring is loose, and the alarm is issued.
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