There are a lot of screw air compressors manufacturers do not know how to protect the use of air compressors, today Xiaobian share a few tricks:
First, the air compressor is very strict on the exhaust temperature. For lubricating oil air compressor, when the exhaust gas temperature is too high, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will decrease, the lubricating oil function will deteriorate, and the light-weight fraction in the lubricating oil will be quickly volatilized, resulting in “carbon deposit”. & rdquo; phenomenon. It turns out that when the exhaust gas temperature exceeds 200 degrees Celsius, "carbon deposits" can block the passage of the exhaust cutting seat, the spring seat (the cutting gear) and the exhaust pipe, so that the channel force increases; In the piston ring groove, it is stuck, thus losing the sealing effect; at the same time, the static electricity will also cause the explosion to occur. Therefore, the water cooling exhaust temperature of the power air compressor cannot exceed 160 degrees Celsius, and the air cooling cannot exceed 180 degrees. Celsius.
Second, the cause of the cracks in the machine and the troubleshooting plan. The common causes of cracks in the machine parts are as follows: 1. The cooling water is not eliminated in the cylinder head of the machine body, and it is not released in time after the winter stop. 2. The internal stress is generated when the casting is forged, and gradually increases with the vibration during use. 3. The connecting rod breaks off due to the piston rupture, the connecting rod screw is broken, etc., the balance iron on the crankshaft flies out and breaks the body or the parts in the gas cutting fall off the bad cylinder head. The inspection methods are as follows: 1. Infiltration and kerosene method. Before inspection, use a cotton yarn head soaked with kerosene to wipe the body and cylinder head. Use a dry cotton yarn head to wipe with a kerosene in a place suspected of cracking, and immediately apply white powder. Where there is a crack, the kerosene will seep out to the white powder, and the crack will be displayed.
2. Water pressure method. Use the method of increasing the cooling water pressure to check the crack location. Before the inspection, block the water pipe joint between the body and the cylinder head, and connect one of the water pipe joints with the rubber hose and the water outlet. The upper plane of the machine body is made of a special cover plate of the same size, and the cooling water cannot overflow. Turn on the switch and let the room water enter the cooling water jacket. After the water is turned off, the switch is closed, and the water supply is stopped when the pressure gauge pointer reaches 3-4 atmospheres. Look carefully at the body, and there is no water leakage or water seepage inside and outside the cylinder head. Mastered the above air compressor maintenance method, I believe that the technicians can handle it easily.
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