In the drive system of compressor, screw compressor is usually driven by a pair of speed-increasing gears or belts, which can be generally divided into direct drive and belt drive. Direct drive refers to the motor shaft being driven to rotate the rotor via a coupling and gearbox. Belt drive refers to changing the speed of the rotor through pulleys of different diameters. Analysis of the transmission mode 1. No-load energy consumption For the gear direct transmission mode, the no-load pressure is generally maintained above 0.25 MPa, and some even as high as 0.4 MPa to ensure the lubrication of the gear box. For the belt drive mode, in order to ensure the lubrication of the body, the normal pressure of the no-load pressure is maintained at about 0.05 MPa to lubricate the rotor and the bearing. 2, the first to suffer from oil loss and oil loss will be the gear box. There is no such safety issue with belt drive systems. 3. Design work pressure according to user requirements Usually the work pressure required by the user is not exactly the same as the pressure of the standard model. The belt drive design simply changes the diameter of the pulley and allows the working pressure to be exactly the same as the user's requirements, so that the user can get more air volume with the same power motor. For gear drives, this is not so convenient. 4. The pressure change of compressor has been installed. Sometimes the design pressure of the original compressor may be too high or too low due to changes in the user's production process conditions. I hope to change it. However, for a geared compressor, this work can be very difficult and expensive, and for a belt-driven compressor, it is only necessary to change the pulley to easily carry out the air volume and pressure. Adjustment. 5, the installation of new bearings When the rotor bearing needs to be replaced, for the gear drive compressor, the gearbox and gearbox spindle bearings need to be overhauled at the same time, the cost is difficult for users to accept. For belt drive compressors, there is no such problem at all. 6. Replace the shaft seal Compressor The shaft seal used at the front end of the drive shaft must be replaced for a certain life. For gear-driven compressors, this work is time consuming and laborious, and the motor and coupling must be separated before the shaft seal can be replaced, resulting in increased maintenance costs. For belt-driven compressors, simply remove the pulley, which is much easier. 7. Damage to the motor or rotor bearing For the gear drive compressor, when the motor or rotor bearing is damaged, it will often cause direct and indirect double damage to the connected important components. This is not the case with Belt Drive Compressors. 8. Structural noise For the gear transmission compressor, since the motor is rigidly connected to the rotor, the vibration of the rotor is transmitted to the gearbox and the motor bearing, which not only increases the wear of the motor bearing, but also increases the machine noise. However, due to the belt drive, the shaft and the bearing are subjected to a large force, and the bearing is unilaterally worn, and there is a hidden danger that the nose may be bitten at any time. 9. The belt drive has a large outer dimensions, the belt is elastic, easy to slip, and has a short life. The transmission ratio cannot be fixed and the transmission efficiency is low. The leather belt is used. It is easy to generate discharge at high speed, so it cannot be used for flammable and explosive. The occasion. It is precisely because of the above differences between the belt and the direct transmission, some models of belts and direct linkage can be done, while others just choose one of them. In the direct drive mode, there should be a coupling barrel between the motor and the main unit to make it self-contained. At the same time, the installation of the anchor bolts increases the shock pad, and the hardness of the block should be ge; the process of 52-54 is very important.
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