Direct screw air compressor Which parts need to be replaced during maintenance procedures and maintenance: Maintenance period: 500 hours of minor repair, 2000-3000 small medium repair, 6000 hours overhaul. Maintenance contents: air filter core, oil filter core, oil separator, motor, lubricating oil, intake control valve, minimum pressure control valve, coupling. Maintenance instructions: Air compressor No maintenance or repair of Air compressor is allowed during operation or with pressure. It must be stopped first, and the internal pressure is drained before maintenance and repair. Take DSNEairscrew air compressor small machine (external rotor centrifugal fan and 1:1 drive direct connection host) as an example:

model500hour changequantity2000hours changeQuantity
SRC-30SAAir filter cartridge1Air filtration Filter cartridge1
Oil filter1Oil filter1
Screw Oil1 barreloil core1
Screw-specific oil1 barrel
SRC-40SA-50SAAir Filter Cartridge1Air Filter Cartridge 1
Oil filter1 onlyOil filter1
Screw-specific oil2 barrels Oil core1
screw oil2 barrels
SRC-60SA-75SAAir Filter Cartridge1Air filter cartridge1
Oil filter1Oil filter1
Screw-specific oil2 barrelsoil cores1
Special oil for screw2
SRC-90SA-100SAAir Filter Cartridge1Air Filter Cartridge1
Oil filter1Oil filter1
Screw-specific oil2 barrelsOil core1
screw oil3 barrels

Remarks: It is recommended to take 500 hours for the first maintenance, 2000 hours for the first maintenance, and follow-up is best every 2000 hours of maintenance label [ Direct screw air compressor maintenance] [What accessories need to be replaced by screw air compressor maintenance]Recommended 3 cubic air compressor 6 cubic air compressor 10 cubic air compressor