Caring for the same child cares & air quality machine & rsquo; air compressor life, to achieve the benefits of double income, why not!

The air compressor is like a child in an orphanage. I am eager to pay attention to it. I hope that I can grow up under the care of the welfare home and I am eager for the care of my loved ones. Many air compressor manufacturers produce air compressors and discard them. Regardless of whether or not they are asked, the units that adopt air compressors regard them as production machines and tools for making money. In fact, it (air compressor) does not want to complain, just feels sad, it silently said to the person who discarded himself (air compressor manufacturer): "I just want my own biological father to see me once or twice a year." See if I have been good, let me know that he still remembers me. ” It silently said to the person who adopted him (the unit of air compressor): “ I don't want you to help me as a baby, I just want to pay more attention to me when I am sick and injured. So I am very satisfied. ” There was a screw air compressor that was very hurt: "My father abandoned me, my adoptive father took me, and I ignored it. I didn't ask, I kept it on hold." Now I need my father's production, but I haven't started it for a long time. The internal parts have begun to age. How can I help my adoptive father? The grace of parenting, when the spring is reported! There are good people passing by, and I feel that in today's society, there are very few such people, so I told him how to check the injured himself and how to clean and protect himself. The air compressor is very happy, I thought I could help my father, so I wrote down the method: 1. First clean the outside of your air compressor with clean water and dry it with a clean rag. 2. De-seal your compressor and check whether the friction surfaces are rusted. If there is corrosion in the parts, the rust is polished with oil stone and washed. In addition, lubricant should be applied to each friction surface after unsealing. 3. Check if the gap between the compressor components is within the standard range. If displacement has occurred, it should be adjusted. 4. Check whether the movement and the static joint of the compressor are loose, and it needs to be tightened. 5. Clean the lubricating oil system, oiler, etc., inject the clean lubricating oil to the specified height according to the regulations, and shake the oiler handle to check whether the oiler is normal. 6. Clean the gas pipeline until it is completely clean. 7. Check the cooling water supply system and pipelines to ensure the smooth flow of water and ensure that there is no water leakage. 8. Check the power supply system. 9. After completing the above inspections, turn the car 2-3 turns to ensure that the running mechanism has no jam and no impact. 10. After all the above steps are completed, remove the tool and all unrelated items, and clean the air compressor room to ensure that there are no debris around the air compressor. Then start the test at boot, if it runs well, it means the whole process has ended satisfactorily. The air compressor is good, bringing huge benefits to the adoptive father's production, so that the adoptive father has doubled the profits, and the people who come from the production capacity of the air compressor also let the air compressor manufacturers bring customers, double Benefits received.

The necessary inspection and maintenance of the air compressor is a guarantee for its normal operation. The air compressor manufacturer and the air compressor unit should be responsible for the life of the air compressor. Only the air compressor is extended. The life of the air compressor can bring greater benefits to the air compressor unit and benefit the air compressor manufacturer. Therefore, the use unit of the air compressor should pay attention to the period of air compressor maintenance, and the air compressor manufacturer should always cooperate with the use unit to actively deal with the air compressor accident. The benefits of double income have a great correlation with the two.

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