After years of development, it has evolved from a single type of piston air compressor to a screw air compressor, a vane air compressor, and a mobile screw machine. The screw air compressor is divided into two types: twin screw air compressor and single screw air compressor. Twin screw air compressors are widely used in the market. The screw air compressor has a series of unique advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation. At present, screw air compressor can basically replace the piston air compressor. It is a high-speed rotary positive displacement compressor, which is engaged with each other by a pair of rotors having helical grooves, causing a change in volume to perform gas compression. Except for two high-speed rotary screw rotors, there are no other moving parts, which overcomes the rotation. The shortcomings of air compressors and reciprocating compressors have the advantages of small volume, light weight, stable operation, less wearing parts, high efficiency, large single-stage pressure ratio, and stepless adjustment of energy. Rapid development and application. According to the investigation of China Air Compressor, the single-stage screw refrigeration air compressor has a large compression ratio and a wide capacity range, so it is suitable for various working conditions of high, medium and low temperature, especially There is still high efficiency in low temperature conditions and variable working conditions, which is not available in other models. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries and food fields such as air conditioners, refrigeration, beer, chemicals, water conservancy, etc. It is the best model in the field of refrigeration, especially in the field of industrial refrigeration.

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