Nowadays, more and more air compressors are used in various industries. Some manufacturers will consider which air compressors are more reliable and practical before purchasing air compressors. Today Shanghai DSNEair Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Analyzing the difference between oil lubrication air compressor and oilless air compressor.

I. There is no oil involved in the compression process of the oil-free air compressor. Whether it is an oil-free screw or an oil-free piston, it is said that there is no oil screw. The main bearing of this machine is also The use of oil to cool and lubricate, the difference is that it uses a special temperature-resistant material called molybdenum disulfide or Teflon to overcome the high temperature generated during the compression process, instead of using oil, thus achieving no The purpose of oil compression.

Second, the oil-lubricated air compressor is often said to be involved in the compression of air during the compression process because it generates a very high temperature during the compression process, and the oil can take away heat to help dissipate heat. It also lubricates the running parts inside the main unit. The compressed oil and gas mixture will be separated in the oil and gas separation tank. After the separated compressed air is recovered by the secondary oil return pipe, its oil content will be less than 5PPM. This is the oil lubrication screw air compressor.

There are no differences between the bearings.