Take the advantage of Chun Nuanhua to leave, time just in time, a lot of enterprises hurry off to new business chance of each district look for. But, there is the picture that a be accustomed to sth makes a person headache again however in constrictive machine industry: Southern enterprise enrols agential fact to belong to in north not easy, peculiar, northern company also cans not move a step in southern action agent.

Besides, southern difference returns expression to be in south a lot of in the center of. For example, southern constrictive aircraft company is composed and dovish slant conservative, be brave in to innovate have a taste of what is just in season person not much, folkway of its salesperson much inheritance is more simple and honest, true, with the client association resembles be in enemy, belong to slow heat more model, its technology personnel is much with solid professional bedrock be good at, although product innovation window is not much, but firm sex feature is very outstanding; And northward company strategy all the more is acute, approve of difference changes work for, go after the demand of joint user to nod, if why control capital —— inside reasonable range,pay close attention to more on the technology this is in undoubtedly high-quality goods of a few high end is constrictive machine category, can finish a difference more easily to change consequence.

Again for example, peculiar it is to suffer invite participate in activity of a certain business, southern enterprise is based on before cooperation or public praise can have made the provision to business chance of spot look for, northern company meets more asking a few detail, does this activity have such as “ who is participated in? Have list? This list has contact kind, my demand calls affirm. ” is based on such information to meet first one pace goes getting acquainted with, such detail of —— of development new client also appears and pulled open south southern thought and sale difference.

The feeling of southern enterprise is mixed south practice difference results from the history, after all from change open nowadays, northern company is earlier than south, more ground experience all sorts of harships, time is faced with competition, risk and bilk, speak and act cautiously is the nature that they survive in bitter trade battle is mixed assure, about the “ crisis ” in the market and competition, northern company can find dissolved way always also, the commercial contract …… of the statistical data of the market survey of example careful, full and accurate, standard

Static careful think of, bring about flexible of be apt to of north of industry of our country constrictive machine, south slants although dovish cause has a lot of, but the mainest essential factor wants environment of two —— market and civilized difference only.

Look from market environment respect, resource of our country southern mineral products is rich and generous, because this is formed stage by stage,make the industrial construction that waits for heavy industry to give priority to with mining, metallurgy, machinery, enterprise dimensions big, amount is little; And northwest is coastal district natural resources is absolutely and meager, but traffic effort of technology of convenient, capital is abundant, so light industry is likened to lively, enterprise dimensions small, amount is huge. In north, a street comes over to be able to visit ten clients, southern can whole town does not have ten clients. Size of northward constrictive machine market wants ambitious at south, so, sure meeting produces the section that differs freely each different commercial form, it is normal that this fact is belonged to.

Look from person and civilized angle, lu Xun gentleman the hundred years summary before up to now still accurate: The advantage of “ north person is massiness, but the fraud of massiness also I; The person's advantage is slow south, dan Chi's blunt fraud also crafty. ”

Great disparity of disposition of north and south, but between the person of the same trade if have,get acquainted with, just can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, learn each other, give directions each other mutual even more understanding market potential, where is what is there against it? !