The screw air compressor needs to use special screw oil for normal work. Why use screw oil? Where is the benefit? The following China Air Compressor is a small series to give you a brief talk:

1, stability must be good. The performance should be stable, have better anti-oxidation ability, and are not prone to deterioration, which has great guarantee for the normal operation of the screw air compressor.

2. Separation quickly. To be able to achieve separation quickly, uniformity is better.

3. Good foaming. The bubbles in the oil can be quickly eliminated, and the foaming performance is good.

4. The viscosity is high. The viscosity of the screw oil should meet the specified requirements, otherwise it will be difficult to function.

5, good corrosion resistance. It has good corrosion resistance and long service life.

The above is the screw air compressor five requirements for screw oil. Only with the above requirements, the service life of the screw air compressor is greatly improved. Consumers are helpful.

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