(1) The role of the air filter. The air filter is a one-hundred paper filter whose main function is to filter the dust in the air.

(2) The role of the intake valve. The loading, unloading and pressure adjustment of the screw air compressor is realized by opening and closing the intake valve.

(3) The role of the pressure switch. The pressure change of the screw air compressor is used to control the opening and closing of the intake valve of the intake valve solenoid valve, and the motor is further controlled. It can be set to a maximum pressure value. When this pressure value is reached, the intake valve is closed and a stop delay signal is sent to the motor. At the same time, another minimum pressure value can be set. Down to this pressure value, the intake valve opens or restarts the motor. .

(4) The role of the outlet check valve. After the compressed air enters the gas cylinder from the screw air compressor, when the screw air compressor is stopped, the compressed air is prevented from flowing in the opposite direction to the screw air compressor.

(5) The function of the safety valve. When the pressure switch is improperly adjusted or fails, the safety valve will open when the pressure in the oil and gas tank is 0.1MPa higher than the rated pressure to protect the safety of the screw air compressor unit.

(6) The role of the pressure maintenance valve (minimum pressure valve). It is located at the outlet of the oil separator above the oil and gas tank, and the opening pressure is set at about 0.45MPa. The function of the pressure maintenance valve is:

1) The starting cycle is required to establish the lubricating oil required to ensure the lubrication of the body. The lubrication of the machine oil is carried out by the pressure difference of the machine itself. There is no additional oil pump assistance. When the machine is in the no-load state, it still needs a certain pressure to maintain the oil circulation, so the intake valve is relatively closed, and the minimum pressure valve prevents pressure leakage. Guarantee lubricant circulation.

2) When the machine is loading, if there is no pressure maintenance valve installed, the large pressure difference generated before and after separation of the oil and gas barrel will be added to The separator causes damage to the separator core; therefore, the second function of the pressure maintaining valve is to open after the pressure exceeds 0.45 MPa, which can reduce the flow rate of air flowing through the fine separator, and protect the fine separator from pressure difference. Too big and damaged.

(7) The role of the rear cooler. The compressed air outlet temperature is lowered by cooling to ensure safe use of compressed air and meet the performance requirements of air aftertreatment equipment. There are two cooling methods: air cooling and water cooling.
(8) The function of the bleeder solenoid valve. When the screw air compressor is stopped or empty, the relief valve is opened to discharge the pressure in the oil and gas tank to ensure that the screw air compressor can start or load under no load when it is operated again. Commonly used relief valves are two normally open solenoid valves or piston relief valves.

(9) The role of the gas tank. The gas storage tank is a container for storing compressed air and gas discharged from the screw air compressor. The gas storage tank helps to eliminate the pulse in the exhaust line, and can store and replenish the compressed air when the demand is greater than the capacity of the compressor. The larger the volume of the gas storage tank, the screw air compressor operates. The longer the time interval.

(10) The role of the water separator. A water gas separator is a device for collecting and removing condensed water which is precipitated from air or gas during cooling.

(11) The role of the automatic drainer. No need to manually operate, drain the water accumulated in the gas tank.
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