Summary: The article carries out case grading to analyse obligation through, share with everybody designing small-sized when giving birth to even move back and forth machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously, when does demand ponder that above all? When should ponder this first again? What is? The design is small-sized giving birth to even move back and forth machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously also is to have the law but of abide, feeling of superstition according to will can take roundabout way less, give result less, progress becomes power.

One, foreword

Treat of design is small-sized give birth to even move back and forth machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously, we should say what is pneumatics machine above all. Pneumatics machine is the main body in enraging a source to deploy, it is will original intention (thought of report of in every case) mechanical energy is changed into aeriform pressure can dynamical changeover is deployed, it is constrictive airy atmospheric pressure happening is deployed (following plan institute are shown) .

Pneumatics machine is a kind of current project mechanism, suitable scope is big, use is extensive. Especially small-sized give birth to even move back and forth machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously, it is the adornment outside room ben is decorated, the mechanical equipment with the indispensable project such as spray paint, mechanical maintenance. Have among them bigger one local share is the market of DIY family expenses that faces abroad, this has one again among them local it is to be confined to indoor apply. Consequently, market hereon kind small-sized pneumatics machine, had the following less important demands: 1) electric equipment is restful operation of efficient and energy-saving 4) applies 3) of 2) environmental protection sweet and convenient. So, we are in receive new small-sized when the research and development that gives birth to even move back and forth machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously designs a project, also want to ponder these a few requirements above all, but below these a few mentioned requirements are very general and extensive, demand changes ability to blend in in designing the job. We carry out case to be with above exemple, will be analysed for everybody clarify.

  2, the market demand expression in designing a file

Take when you small-sized when the project of research and development that gives birth to even move back and forth machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously, personnel of business of common market department once was opposite the market prospect of this project and sale anticipate do became good abundant argumentation. Our demand does, it is attentive read " project approving requests a book " , where is the sale area that understands this pneumatics opportunity, what is the requirement of crucial technology parameter that understands this pneumatics opportunity, how much is the purpose price that understands this pneumatics opportunity.

These a few achievement should understand in detail? The first, understand the sale area of pneumatics machine. Can reach what this pneumatics confidential agrees with directly restful regulation and attestation standard. For example: The product requirement that sells the United States agrees with UL, the attestation of CSA or ETL, at the same time gas canister returns demand to agree with ASME attestation alone, the product arrives even flame retardant requirement (because American woodiness construction builds more) the standard that secondary implements has: UL1450 and ANSI/UL94-1985. The product that sells Europe criterion demand agrees with CE, GS, the attestation such as EMC, gas canister does PS attestation, relevant spare parts satisfies environmental protection requirement. The standard that secondary implements has: MD instruction 2006/42/EC, LVD instruction 2006/95/EC, EMC instruction 2004/108/EC and PED instruction 97/23/EC, even the attestation that some clients still ask to satisfy ISO9000.

The 2nd, the crucial technology parameter of pneumatics machine. Common the task voltage that includes pneumatics plane, frequency, additional power, task is made, insulation grade, defend pressure of the cubage of canister of grade, gas, top job and capacity parameter. The demand that time still can have special parameter and construction and clarify. Actually the requirement of these the 2nd technology parameter, some sale area through the first once demarcate is dead. For example: The social estate of pneumatics machine insulation that sells the United States wants B level only, voltage is common also be 120V/60HZ. But, the empty press that sells Europe is different, insulation grade has B class and F class commonly usedly, voltage has 230V also have 240V, it is 50HZ fortunately. Still having is Europe and United States the cubage about enraging coal tub, the difference on top job pressure and capacity unit of measurement also demand is advertent one.

The 3rd, the purpose price of pneumatics machine. Mostly the purpose price of machine of factory course pneumatics, how much is can pushing those who calculate clean press to promote capital directly. Actually, this ability is us all overall objectives that design the job, all expenditure adds up cannot exceed capital budget. The capital of “ product is the ” that the design comes out, it is right that from the design upright fountainhead controls capital; Always compared first prototype to come out, go thinking a method to fall again many what capital is close friends.

In " project approving requests a book " on returned correspondence to behave the market to be mixed in safety to electric equipment the requirement of environmental protection, but right efficient and energy-saving apply warmth with the operation convenient sexual requirement, have to demand combines crucial technology parameter to be designed integratedly.

Efficient and energy-saving expression closes to go up at dynamic application rate in pneumatics machine, the name that has a major makes compare power. Pneumatics machine compares power is an evaluation in constrictive and contrary gas, a kind of target of the constrictive machine function below contrary exhaust pressure, also be the main goal that evaluates constrictive function effect. China's active standard is " value of demarcate of constrictive function effect reachs air of GB19153 cubage type can effect grade " .

Apply warmth about the operation convenient quality, the time that designs with respect to demand combines a few the order of nature, mechanical principle and human body engineering will ponder integratedly. Conversion consideration, if be oneself use this pneumatics machine, what him form does demand reach is ability gratified? Will do a design with this kind of feeling, regular meeting lose a gratified consequence.

Say so, we are taken " project approving requests a book " hind, receive everything what go up to design the job, it is actually around wear what market demand spread out that at 4 o'clock, especially efficient and energy-saving the warmth that applies with the operation is convenient quality. We ask the market to cent tells unriddle further above.

  3, market demand token is technical parameter

Want to satisfy the efficient and energy-saving requirement of pneumatics machine, return so that stop to quantify on the crucial technology parameter from pneumatics machine deal with. How efficient, how energy-saving, arrive to must be changed into data to stop to show at first. Say pneumatics opportunity above all than power, its definition is such: It is to show constrictive machine is constrictive the total output power that institute of gas of discharge of unit practice cubage consumes. The computational formula of this parameter is: Output Q of discharge of power P&pide; cubage than power = ; Unit: KW/(m3/min) . Pneumatics chance is less than power, clarify the efficiency that pneumatics machine energy applies is taller, unit power comsumption is lower. But, this compares power parameter, it is numerical value of token of a both ends, direct calculation comes out, direct design does not come out. So, what be design parameter and than power and efficient and energy-saving function relevant? The formula that power compares below the course is bad to see, besides the output power of electric machinery, that sheds value of a quantity namely. But, when we are designed, common it is to assume power is foregone and constant, will push cipher out discharge to be worth. What actual flow is worth under recombine is formulary, we are bad to see, affecting more crucial than the design of power parameter actually is the journey of the diameter of air cylinder and piston.

Common because participate in the machining error of the spare parts of constrictive gas, design,be accumulative total public errand, disassemble the cause place such as precision brings about. The actual measurement of the actual capacity of the design and prototype (in 7 kilograms when) there is certain difference between capacity, the efficiency achievement that this touchs machinery constructs (the time that designing so must the coefficient with enough obligate, the prototype that will protect a proof to measure amounts to mark than power numerical value) . Efficiency is low, expend big, the meaning is presence the move is calorific, business is little, token picture is achievement of a temperature rise, actually, temperature rise is direct and corresponding is the requirement of energy-saving environmental protection.

Additional, the character of energy-saving environmental protection of pneumatics machine is OK also get to the bottom of sth arrives on direct design parameter. The environmental protection that says here includes the environmental protection of airy environmental protection and tone, the relevant design parameter that direct expression comes out is: 1) temperature rise is small 2) tone is little 3) vibration is little.

Among them the first temperature rise is small, it is the angle from energy-saving environmental protection, raised a requirement to small-sized pneumatics machine, ask go into operation of this kinds of cable is provided, should do calorific work less as far as possible (useless result) , increase waste power, accentuation need not want discharge, reduce the effect to the environment. The 2nd tone is little, it is the angle from environmental protection raised a requirement to small-sized pneumatics machine only however, ask go into operation of this kinds of cable is provided, should do work in the task while, reduce tone to purify, for handlers build a sweet and cheerful environment. The 3rd vibration is little, machinery with connect move back and forth to give birth to itself of machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance to want to have if the requirement is small-sized better continuously is balanced, easy to read and understand say to want to have sex of favorable movement jolt namely. What compete as current international market is acuteness with each passing day, progress gradually as what energy-saving, environmental protection understands world each country, about small-sized the above that gives birth to even move back and forth machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously 3 special the requirement of function also can become more outstanding.

Unexpected is, while we are handling energy-saving environmental protection, also token went out a few apply warmth with the operation convenient the design character parameter related the gender. Pneumatics machine movement is bumpy, tone is purified low, operation environment warmth is cheerful, this belongs to an operation to apply warmth convenient sexual limits.

Original, what demand says is electric equipment safe sex. This is actually it is the most difficult to belong to and the most complex requirement, difficult it is to be in hard charge of its attestation of high specified number in products plan initial stage; If your client is OK bear, that is one big bad thing really. Complex it is complex in, the absolutely large minority related to the product agrees with the spare parts of attestation, belong to menu type mark to distribute a part, although according to asks to choose,go in the time that you design, not demand stops again alone design computation.

On the other hand, about electric equipment the requirement of safe sex, the time of relevant attestation and test is made to the spare parts in you, of tripartite detect the orgnaization also can is opposite your mechanical construction and electric equipment type selecting stop further introspection proof. Want electric equipment only safe sex amounts to mark, the ability of pneumatics machine product that you design enters relevant section to stop to sell.

4, epilogue

Small-sized the design base oneself upon that gives birth to even move back and forth machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously the demand at the market, change to the relevant technology file of product research and development, token is relevant technical parameter, expression is detailed mechanical and tectonic design, detailed mechanical principle apply, on the choice of component of detailed electric equipment.

Anyhow, want to had designed small-sized give birth to even move back and forth product of machine of pneumatics of type of a place of strategic importance continuously, of craft of the demand choice from the data, tectonic design, public errand make etc everywhere detail begins, demand does the job fine, do solid, accomplish, it is better that such ability designs give a function, the product with higher quality comes.

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Author brief introduction

Wu Anzhong (1980.04- - ) , male, the Han nationality, shandong saves Qingdao city person, university undergraduate course (labour learns bachelor) , be graduated from university of Qingdao science and technology, intermediate engineer, delibrate direction: Air is constrictive machine.