In the use of twin-screw air compressor, failure is unavoidable. In order to minimize the damage caused by the fault, it must be processed in a timely and appropriate manner. But the faults are varied and even difficult to find, so in order to help everyone troubleshoot in the first place, the author summarizes some common faults:
1,air compressor Cannot start normally: First check if the power supply voltage is normal, whether the solenoid valve is faulty, whether the motor is working normally, etc., whether the intake and exhaust valves are open, etc.
2, the quality of compressed gas decreased: the main reasons affecting the quality of twin-screw air compressor compressed gas are: ambient air quality, air compressor itself cleansing Degree, air filter, oil separator failure, etc.
3, the exhaust temperature is significantly increased: there are many factors that cause the exhaust gas temperature to rise, the more common are: the lubricating oil efficiency is reduced; air compressor lack of maintenance, Air compressor room temperature is too high, cooling system failure, etc. When repairing, you only need to press the map and you can quickly eliminate it.
4, the exhaust volume decreased: the factors leading to this failure are: intake and exhaust port failure, pipeline leakage, air filter blockage, voltage shortage.
5, twin-screw air compressor noise increase: the factor that causes noise increase may be air compressor loose fixture, loose parts, lubricating oil failure Etc., need to be reinforced in time.
6, the service life of lubricating oil is shortened, the quality is reduced: the main compression in this aspect is that the quality of the lubricating oil itself is not good or the model is wrong; Air compressor lacks cleaning and pollution of lubricating oil, lubricating oil System failure, etc.
7, Air compressor does not load after starting: The factors that cause this failure are: twin-screw air compressor the minimum pressure valve leaks, the solenoid valve is not energized , control the tracheal failure, the valve of the intake valve is stuck, the seal leaks, etc.

Label [Twin screw air compressor 7 common faults and their treatment measures]

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