When you think of Italian food, pasta may be the first thing you think of. For the Italians, it was a sacred dish brought to Italy by Marco Polo in the 13th century.

The word pasta means in Italian, "paste”. It refers to a dough made up of flour and water or eggs. Although many believe that the best pasta is fresh, the highly respected Italian chefs and family chefs agree that pasta or dry pasta can be equally tasty. This is why pasta is so popular.

The average daily consumption of approximately 40,000 packets of pasta in the world, the use of reliable and stable vacuum and oil-free machine equipment is an important guarantee for manufacturers to provide customers with consistently high quality products. The pasta packaging operation requires two key components: vacuum pump - In addition to extracting oxygen from the package, it can also dry the pasta to extend the shelf life and improve the color and odour of the pasta. A vacuum pump is used to vacuum the entire production facility. Oil-free compressed air - powers power transmission, cleaning equipment, pressurized containers and transportation products. The oil-free air compressor used is capable of producing zero-grade oil-free compressed air, ensuring that no oil comes into contact with the final product and causes quality problems. Therefore, the production of pasta is so delicious and requires high-quality processing equipment, among which oil-free air compressor and vacuum pump are indispensable!