The screw air compressor adopts high-capacity compression assembly, and its rotor has a low outer circle speed and achieves the best oil injection, achieving high efficiency and high reliability. Therefore, it is very popular among many people, but it also has inevitable shortcomings. Here are two common problems of screw air compressor:
1, the unit pressure is low
The reason for this failure is that the actual gas consumption is greater than the unit output gas volume; screw air compressor deflation, intake valve failure; the transmission system is abnormal, the ambient temperature is too high, The air filter is clogged; the load solenoid valve is faulty; the minimum pressure valve is stuck; the user pipe network is leaking; the screw air compressor failure such as pressure sensor, pressure gauge, pressure switch, etc. will cause the unit pressure to be low; pressure sensor or pressure gauge input The hose is leaking.
2, the unit has high fuel consumption or large oil content
The reason for this failure is that due to too much cooling dose, the correct position should be observed when the unit is loaded. Should not be higher than half; the return pipe blockage will also cause air compressor failure;
The installation of the return pipe does not meet the requirements will cause the air compressor to consume too much fuel; the exhaust pressure is too low when the unit is running; the oil separation core The rupture will cause the screw air compressor to malfunction; the internal separator of the separation cylinder is damaged; the coolant deteriorates or is overdue.

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