It is well known that screw air compressor will use air compressor oil, but the air compressor oil is also good or bad, and the selection of good air compressor oil will be extended. The machine has a long service life in order for the machine to operate normally. Below we DSNEair explain how to choose the right air compressor oil. . .

1, Viscosity of air compressor oil

The viscosity of air compressor oil is also a factor of oil quality. We all know that the viscosity is large. The air compressor oil with lower specific viscosity is more favorable to the engine. Therefore, when we choose the special oil for the screw air compressor, we generally choose the viscosity grade of the lubricating oil is good, but the choice of high viscosity will also cause the pumping of the oil pump. Poor performance, reduced flow, and deterioration of lubricity, washing and heat dissipation, easy to cause semi-dry friction of the machine parts, causing failures such as burning tiles and holding shafts. So be clear!

2, Low air compressor oil

Screw air compressor, if the oil quantity is small, it will cause insufficient oil supply and poor lubrication, resulting in Acute accident. Therefore, many customers will want to do this. If the oil is too full, they will not be afraid of the lack of oil in the screw air compressor. In fact, too much oil will not only increase the power consumption of the crankshaft due to the increase of the rotational resistance, but also the air compressor oil is likely to generate bubbles, emulsification and spillage, resulting in poor lubrication. Therefore, the air compressor oil is not much better, but the right amount!

3,What will happen with air compressor oil with high viscosity

The screw air compressor is weak, oily and oily The external characteristics of the air compressor technology deteriorated. Some customers said that the use of high-viscosity oil can solve the problem of air compressor working principle, oil and oil lamps, but it is insufficient. We have tried Shanghai DSNEair Jixiang (Group) Co., Ltd., but on the contrary, this will increase the starting resistance of the screw air compressor, deteriorate the lubrication performance, and aggravate the wear of the machine. Therefore, I recommend that you do not use high viscosity air compressor oil.