With the increasing use of air compressor and increasing the frequency of use, air compressor maintenance is indispensable, air compressor users love air compressors, it is necessary The air compressor is often cleaned and maintained. It is necessary to pay attention to the air compressor oil level. However, there are some misunderstandings in the maintenance process. For example, if the oil is changed, it seems simple and complicated. If it is not handled properly, it will cause some malfunctions. Lead to more serious consequences. The following will introduce some tips for replacing the oil to the majority of air compressor customers: First, when we change the oil, if there is not much oil in the air compressor, we can put half of the new oil and run for fifteen minutes to one hour. Net, then refill with new oil to resume normal operation. If there is too much carbon in the sludge, the air compressor cylinder can be disassembled, the sludge and carbon deposits are manually removed, and then washed with a special cleaning agent. However, after cleaning, the water must be dried and then cleaned with a cleaning oil. After one to two hundred hours, clean the cleaning oil and finally add new oil to resume normal operation. Otherwise it is very likely to destroy the performance of the oil additive and may also lead to a safety accident.
Second, each time you replace the air compressor oil, you need to drain the residual air compressor oil. It is forbidden to use supplemental and filtration and reuse. Because although the surface looks like the color of the air compressor oil, the consumption of additives may have exceeded the limit.
Third, the final customer should pay attention to different air compressor oil brands, different grades of air compressor oil should not be mixed. In addition, when changing oil, you should also change the oil filter, the strainer filter oil element, the gas separation fine filter, the oil bypass filter, etc., check whether the air filter, temperature control alarm, check valve, filter, etc. In good condition.
IV. It is recommended not to choose a fixed time when changing oil. The aging of oil can be accelerated due to the influence of environment, machinery, equipment and impurities. In order to prevent carbon deposition and coking, it is necessary to pay attention to the oiliness, viscosity, color, etc. of the lubricating oil during use (every three hundred hours), but it is not possible to judge the quality of the air compressor by color alone.
V. To develop the habit of recording the time to replace lubricants and other components, check the records, and implement the responsible person. Among them, screw air compressor oil is a special oil, which must be managed by a special person to prevent oil accidents. After the air compressor oil is used up, tighten the lid and do not open the lid tool nearby. If you find that the evaporation loss of the lubricant is very large, first check if the oil separator is perforated.
VI. Replacement indicator Air compressor type Lubrication part Replacement oil quality index Note viscosity, mgKOH/g residual carbon, (±%) acid value, (%) n-heptane insoluble matter (%) piston type high pressure internal Use (cylinder) & mdash; oil-filled once lubrication external (bearing) low pressure bearing, cylinder sharing 15 rotary rotor, bearing 150.5 & mdash; 0.2 speed seal, bearing 150.5 & mdash; 0.2 This paper is compressed by China DSNEAIR Machine Manufactory (https://air-compressor.net) editor reprint please specify