1. The quality of screw air compressor oil is not good.

Air compressor oil with poor oxidation stability is easy to produce sludge and carbon deposits. Air compressor oil with poor thermal stability is easily decomposed to produce light hydrocarbons and Carbon dust, both of which are the main cause of explosion of air compressor oil. As a user, you must first choose a good oil. It is wise to use a well-known brand of air compressor oil. In addition, improper use of oil can also produce carbon deposits, such as:

1) high exhaust gas temperature; 2) improper oil selection, excessive viscosity; 3) excessive oil supply; 4) The compressed gas is not safe; 5) the oil is mixed with impurities or water; 6) the pipeline is fouled, rusted, etc. 2, strictly control the fuel supply and the intake air temperature of the compressor

According to China Air Compressor Xiaobian, such as air pressure The machine is installed in a place with poor environmental conditions. When the inhaled air contains particulate matter, dust or corrosive gas, it will affect the life of the compressor oil. In this case, consider installing an air intake filter. At the same time, the intake filter should be cleaned regularly and replaced regularly. Used to prevent the occurrence of potential accidents related to inhalation of particulate matter.

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