Two-stage compression screw air compressor high speed direct drive permanent magnet frequency conversion

Why there is a multi-motion adjustment mode - the number of motor starts is limited. In order to protect the motor, the number of motor starts and the minimum down time are strictly required. Because the number of motor starts is limited, there is a series of adjustment methods: butterfly valve , spool valve, loading and unloading, VSD

Air compressor air filter use precautions: air compressor air filter needs to be maintained and used after a period of use, the following three cases Need to replace the filter: 1, every 2000 hours, the air compressor filter needs to be replaced. Every six months, the air compressor air filter needs to be replaced. Perforation failed. The replacement cycle is also adjusted depending on the environment in which it is used. The filter is serviced when the service indicator signals a “repair required”. When removing the primary filter element, check the secondary filter element for dust, grease and damage. Clean the filter element regularly and use 2~3 bar of compressed air to blow back. It is strictly forbidden to clean. Normal air filtration system maintenance is a key factor in extending equipment life. Although the air compressor air filter itself can remove destructive impurity particles from the air stream, impurities can still enter the engine if the air filter system is not properly maintained.

The difference between various adjustment methods

A: intake butterfly valve

– Throttle adjustment of the inlet butterfly valve, the range is 50%~100%, the compression ratio increases when part load, the shaft power does not decrease with the gas volume, and the effective length to diameter ratio (L/D) of the screw does not change.

B: slide valve

–The internal throttle valve is adjusted, the adjustment range is 60%~100%. When the inlet butterfly valve is used to adjust the partial load, the screw length to diameter ratio (L/D) becomes smaller, the effective long screw pressure ratio is ***, the structure is complicated, and the rotary valve + Butterfly valve composition, high failure rate

–Import full load/empty adjustment, work at *** efficiency point, partial load adjustment, inlet switch adjustment, pressure ratio stable, computer special software control, screw length to diameter ratio (L/D)

Pay attention to the following points when paying attention to the air filter air filter: First, consider the working environment when selecting. Because the humidity in the weather changes frequently, the content of impurities, particles, dust, etc. are also different, so the air quality is affected. In areas with high humidity, consider the increase of the actual volume of the filter in the selection of the filter. The air filter filter, if there is continuous rain or when there is weather like a big wing, the filter of the compressor air filter will The attendance of the resistance is greater than 1200PA, especially the self-cleaning air compressor air filter, causing serious over-standard. Such a long time will endanger the safety of the equipment, so that the operation of the air compressor deviates from the normal working condition, the gas volume is reduced, the operating cost is increased, and the air compressor surges seriously. Second, pay attention to the choice of filter paper filter paper. In areas with high humidity, it is necessary to use other high-strength, high-strength waterproof filter paper with more than 20% polyester. The climate is dry and the relative mixing is low, so the air contains a large amount of dust.

At start-up, the butterfly valve adjustment mode consumes up to 70%, VSD is not limited by the number of starts and stops, VSD vs L/UL - energy saving 35%