China Air Compressor Under what circumstances will there be high temperatures?

1. The environment is poor in ventilation and heat dissipation.
1), too close to the wall obstacles;
2), there are other heat sources near the air compressor;
3), the front and side doors of the air compressor are open during operation, The fan cannot form a strong airflow.
2, the radiator is blocked.
When there is a lot of dust around the air compressor, the long-term operation will cause a layer of dust or sludge to adhere to the surface of the radiator. The internal copper tube is also likely to be blocked due to accumulation of grease, which will affect the heat dissipation effect.
3, the oil filter is too dirty.
When the oil filter of screw air compressor is too dirty, the resistance oil cannot enter the air compressor at normal flow rate, and the air pressure opportunity is quickly due to insufficient cooling oil. Warm up. When the inlet and outlet oil pressure difference exceeds 0.18MPa, the filter element needs to be replaced.
4. The cooling oil level is too low or the oil quality is too bad.
When the cold machine is inspected, the oil level should be replenished immediately below the lower end of the inspection tube. To use the manufacturer's special air compressor oil, when other low-grade or inferior oil is used, the viscosity will be lower and the specific heat will not reach the standard, resulting in excessive temperature.
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