High Performance, High Efficiency Air Compressor Equipment - Spiral Air Compressor uses high-capacity compression components with low rotor outer speed and optimum oil injection for high efficiency and reliability. The current manufacturer's design ensures that the system temperature and compressed air temperature are extremely low. Ensure that all components achieve optimum cooling and maximum service life. Maintenance-free, highly reliable and efficient drive concept Air compressor equipment - screw air compressors drive the compression components at optimum speeds for the optimum speed through efficient transmission systems. No maintenance is required during normal operation. Low maintenance costs Air compressor equipment - the original compressor design of the screw air compressor saves unnecessary maintenance costs. All components are designed for long life, with large inlet filters, oil filters and fine separators to ensure optimum compressed air quality. All oil filters and separator components of all models up to 22 kW (30 hp) are centrifugally opened and closed, reducing maintenance time. “Speedup Service Point” allows maintenance work to be completed in a matter of minutes, and downtime and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. Built-in intelligent control To reduce operating costs, sophisticated operational control is essential. All screw compressors are equipped with an intelligent control system and the control menu is easy to use.
Screw air compressor is a more popular model, which will replace the traditional piston air compressor, DSNEAIR screw air compressor</ Among all the users, the feedback on the screw air compressor is better, mainly because the screw air compressor has more advantages than other types of air compressors: (1) the product specifications are relatively easy, in certain The air volume range, the diameter and shape of the rotor can be maintained, and the screw rotor needs to be lengthened and shortened to suit different air volume requirements. This feature can reduce manufacturing costs to help the market to compete. (2) Like the reciprocating air pressure, it has the common characteristics of a fixed displacement air compressor, and the exhaust pressure has a fairly wide range of variation. (3) The structure of the screw air compressor body is not complicated, and it is also quite good in the performance of continuous use. At the same time, the reciprocating air compressor greatly reduces a lot of consumable parts, and the maintenance is relatively easy. (4) The noise level of the screw air compressor is almost the highest among all air compressors. The noise level depends on the air volume, and often exceeds 100dbA. Therefore, the screw air compressor must be equipped with a soundproof cover. Give a good impression of a beautiful appearance. (5) Throttling control can be used. (6) The oil-sealed screw air compressor shaft seal has good air tightness, and the centrifugal compressor is not suitable for high-speed shaft seal airtightness up to 100%, so it is not suitable for any gas compression other than air or nitrogen.
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