The functions and methods of cleaning the China Air Compressor head are as follows:
Screw air compressorThe use time is long, there will be grease, carbon deposits, sediment, rust inside. In addition, air compressors that have used different brands of oil will also have asphalt-like black gel. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly use the cleaning agent to clean the inside of the machine head, paint bucket, radiator and tubing. Thereby eliminating security risks.
First run the air compressor for a few minutes, the oil reaches the normal temperature; close the air compressor, wait for the internal pressure to swell, open the fuel cap, and pour the cleaning agent. Tighten the fuel cap; turn on the air compressor for 30 minutes; let go of the old oil and add new oil.
The temperature of the China Air Compressor after cleaning is reduced by at least 10 degrees.

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