According to the Xiaobian of China Air Compressor, the lubricants used in our air compressors are usually special air compressors supplied by the manufacturer. Lubricating oil has three functions: cooling compressed air, sealing rotor meshing clearance, lubricating bearings, shaft seals and gears.

The lubricating oil used in the air compressor is formulated with a special formula, which not only has the three functions of sufficient lubricating oil, but also has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, foaming resistance and minimum air solubility.
Generally speaking, the screw air compressor that has been running for 2000 hours must be replaced with oil, but it depends on the customer's usage and frequency of use. Sometimes, although the cumulative operation is less than 2000 hours, but the oil change has not been completed for half a year, you must also change the lubricant. Otherwise, the quality of the lubricating oil will drop, which will easily cause the high temperature tripping machine to malfunction.

With the deterioration of oil quality, if the lubricating oil is not replaced in time, it will easily cause the compressor head to be damaged. Lubricating oil has a decisive influence on the performance of the air compressor. If it is used improperly or the oil selection is wrong, it will cause serious damage to the compressor body. It must be used: anti-aging, not easy to mix with water, not easy to foam, anti-corrosion Oil products. Do not allow the lubricating oil to exceed the service life of the oil, replace the oil when it is connected, otherwise the quality of the oil will decrease, the lubricity will be poor, and it will easily cause high temperature. At the same time, because the ignition point of the oil drops, it is easy to form the oil spontaneous combustion. Causing a screw air compressor burnout event.

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