Waste heat recovery, for now, may not be a particularly fresh word for many people, but is your screw air compressor used in your home? The following China Air Compressor is a small series to tell you about the benefits of using the screw air compressor waste heat recovery to the factory?
1, operating costs to solve the factory hot water supply, do not burn oil does not burn electricity. Use the original screw air compressor system to save energy and save money, fully automatic control, energy saving and extend the service life of the system;
2 Use screw air compressor heat recovery, zero safety hazard, no combustion, no waste gas, no electric shock, no watt-hour poisoning, no boiler explosion risk;
3, zero carbon dioxide emissions use waste energy, no combustion, no production Carbon dioxide, does not pollute the air, reduces the greenhouse effect and prevents global warming;
4, screw air compressor heat recovery system, environmental protection, renewable energy, energy saving, economic benefits; /> 5, improve the welfare of the factory staff, there is sufficient no-cost hot water to meet the use;
6, free 60-degree hot water for factory heating, free 75-degree hot water for industrial production.

This article is edited and reproduced by China DSNEAIR Compressor Manufactory (https://air-compressor.net).