1. Energy saving Compared with the traditionally controlled screw air compressor, the inverter control air compressor is the most practical, and is supplied according to the air demand. Air compressor operating conditions are economical operations.

2, cost reduction The operating cost of a traditional air compressor consists of three items: initial procurement cost, maintenance cost and energy cost. The energy cost accounts for about 77% of the operating cost of the compressor. By reducing energy costs by 44.3%, coupled with reduced impact on equipment after variable frequency start-up, maintenance and repair volumes are also reduced, so operating costs will be greatly reduced.

3. Improve pressure control accuracy The variable frequency control system has precise pressure control capability. The air pressure output of the air compressor is matched to the air volume required by the user air system. The output air volume of the air compressor changes as the motor speed changes. Due to the improved accuracy of the variable frequency control motor speed, it can keep the system pressure variation of the pipe network within the range of 3 psig, that is, within 0.2 bar, effectively improving the quality of the working condition.

4, extend the life The inverter starts the compressor from 0HZ, its starting acceleration time can be adjusted, thus reducing the electrical and mechanical components of the compressor during starting. The impact of the system enhances the reliability of the system and extends the service life of the China Air Compressor. In addition, the variable frequency control can reduce the current fluctuation when the unit starts. This fluctuation current will affect the power consumption of the power grid and other equipment. The frequency converter can effectively reduce the peak value of the starting current to a minimum.

5.Reducing noise According to the working conditions of the air compressor, after the frequency conversion speed regulation is reformed, the running speed of the motor is obviously slowed down, thus effectively reducing the operation of the air compressor. When the noise. Field measurements indicate that the noise is about 3 to 7 decibels lower than the original system.

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