China Air Compressor Xiaobian tells you about the source of residual carbon:
Residual carbon is a mixture. When the air compressor is in operation, some impurities will be generated due to factors such as high temperature and friction, and some of the aged lubricating oils will be mixed together to form a so-called black material residual carbon. Danger of residual carbon on air compressor:
1. When residual carbon is mixed in the lubricating oil, it acts as a catalyst for the oxidation of lubricating oil and accelerates its The oxidation process is finally characterized by shortening the service life of the lubrication.
2, when the residual carbon is mixed in the lubricating oil, it will affect the normal operation of the air compressor, such as causing wear of components such as the compression chamber and the exhaust valve, and causing the exhaust valve to malfunction.
3, because the residual carbon will cause the wear of the air compressor components, it can be considered as one of the factors causing the screw air compressor or other air compressor mechanical failure.
4, to a certain extent, residual carbon will also increase the heat of the metal, causing local overheating and other failures.

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