Air compressor The hazard of vibration and if it eliminates the vibration of
1, air compressor, what harm will it cause? Answer: The vibration of the compressor will cause the following hazards: 1. Vibration will increase the power consumption; 2. Vibration will cause the instrument to malfunction or even damage; 3. Vibration will accelerate the friction contact surface; 4. Vibration assembly will cause the cylinder 5. Burning tile; 5. Vibration assembly to crack the pipe and loose flange connection; 6. Vibration assembly increases the noise of the machine and deteriorates the working conditions of the operator; 7. Vibration assembly shortens the service life of the machine, etc. 2. How to eliminate What about the vibration of the air compressor? A: To eliminate the vibration of air compressor, generally proceed from the following ways: 1. The moving parts should be balanced and balanced, otherwise it will cause congenital vibration factors. 2. The concentricity of the compressor and the motor or diesel engine should be correct. 3. The foundation of the compressor must be constructed in strict accordance with the design drawings. There must be no rigid connection between the foundation and any structure of the building. 4. Due to the vibration caused by the pulsation of the airflow, the attached equipment and piping should have a strong bracket and card. The cantilever rack should be reinforced with a bracket and plugged with a horn. 5. The grounding screw of the machine should have the same tightening force; 6. The frame (frame) should have sufficient rigidity.
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