The Chinese air compressor Xiaobian learned that the compressed air output from the air compressor contains a lot of harmful impurities, the main impurities are solid particles, moisture and oil in the air.
The vaporized lubricating oil will form an organic acid corrosion equipment, which will deteriorate the rubber, plastic and sealing materials, block the small holes, cause the valve to malfunction, and pollute the product. The saturated water in the compressed air will condense into water under certain conditions and accumulate in some parts of the system. These moistures rust the components and pipes, causing the moving parts to become stuck or worn, causing the pneumatic components to malfunction and leak; in cold regions, moisture icing can cause the pipes to freeze or freeze. Screw air compressor Impurities such as dust in the compressed air will wear the relative moving surfaces in cylinders, pneumatic motors and pneumatic reversing valves, reducing the service life of the system.

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