Screw air compressor is the same as human beings, requires maintenance, and will be ill without maintenance. Let's talk about the five major hazards of screw air compressor maintenance.
1, the oil return pipe joints are not cleaned: If it is blocked, after the separation, a small amount of oil will enter the pipeline with the air, resulting in a large oil loss.
2, the main motor bearings are not regularly added butter: the bearing wears until the main motor burns out. 3. Screw air compressor Air filter dust is not regularly blown and replaced. The air filter is clogged, the air intake is reduced, and the displacement is reduced. Unscheduled replacement will cause the negative pressure to increase and press through, the pollutants will enter the machine, block the oil filter, the oil separation core, the cooling lubricant deteriorates, and the main engine wears.
4, oil filter is not regularly replaced: as the pressure difference between the front and the back increases, the oil is reduced, the screw air compressor main engine exhaust temperature rises and stops, such as excessive pressure breakdown before and after, the pollutants enter the machine Inside, the oil is separated and the core is worn.
5, the oil separation core is not replaced: as the differential pressure increases before and after, the main motor current increases, and the displacement is also reduced. If the pressure difference between the front and the back is too large, the cooling oil will enter the pipeline with the air until it runs out, and the exhaust temperature of the main engine rises and stops.

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