The repair of the screw air compressor:
The medium repair is usually run once for 3000-6000 hours.
In addition to all the work of minor repairs, the repairs must be dismantled and replaced. For example, disassemble the cylinder head, replace the piston ring, check the cylinder wear condition, disassemble and adjust the adjustment gap of the crankshaft, connecting rod and crosshead, replace the exhaust and exhaust valve, each part of the bearing and even the damaged parts, so that the machine can resume normal operation. .
Overhaul of screw air compressor:

Air compressor overhaul is generally carried out once after 12000-26000 hours.
In addition to all the work to be repaired, it is usually necessary to disassemble the machine, replace some parts, and sometimes repair the cylinder, replace the piston, repair the fuselage and base, re-form the bearing and change Crankshafts, etc., many parts may be replaced during overhaul.

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