First, the host of screw air compressor is the core component, which has been localized and has formed scale production. The design level and processing technology of the mainframe are becoming more and more mature. Second, the screw air compressor special valve and accessory parts screw air compressor special valve and accessory parts have all achieved localization, including intake control valve, temperature control valve, minimum pressure valve, air filter, oil separation filter, Pipeline accessories, dedicated controllers, coolers, special motors and screw machine oils. Third, product standards and test standards The country and the industry already have screw machine product standards. The test standard is consistent with the international standard. The energy efficiency standard GB19153— 2009 puts forward higher requirements for the compressor industry and has guiding significance for the competition direction of the air compressor industry. According to the China Air Compressor, the design level and control technology of the horizontal system of the unit system are consistent with the foreign level, and the screw air compressor products designed and manufactured in China have more consideration of China. Environmental factors are more suitable for China's climatic conditions. 5. The performance of the screw machine products sold in the market meets or exceeds the national standards and industry standards, and the service level of the product service screw air compressor products has been improved. Sixth, the user acknowledges that Chinese users have psychologically treated the domestic screw air compressors with the imported screw air compressors.
VII. Market share Most of the screw air compressors sold in the Chinese market are produced by Chinese companies. Eight, talent advantage After nearly 10 years of talent training, each company already has screw air compressor professional and technical personnel.

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