The screw air compressor is one of the positive displacement compressors, and the compression of the air is achieved by the volume change of the tooth grooves of the male and female rotors which are arranged in parallel with each other in the casing. The main and auxiliary rotors rotate in the housing with which they are precisely matched, so that the gas between the rotor slots is continuously generating a periodic volume change along the rotor axis, pushing from the suction side to the discharge side. , compression, exhaust and other work processes. (1) Inhalation process. When the rotor rotates, the volume between the teeth formed by the main and auxiliary rotors gradually expands, and the volume is only communicated with the suction port. The outside air is sucked into the volume between the teeth. When the volume between the teeth is increased to the maximum, the volume between the teeth is disconnected from the suction port, and the suction is completed. This is “intake process”. (2) Closure and transportation process. During inhalation, the main and auxiliary rotor tooth peaks are closed with the casing. The air in the inter-tooth space is enclosed in a closed cavity composed of the main and auxiliary rotors and the casing. This is the "closed process". The two rotors continue to rotate, the main and auxiliary rotor teeth mesh with each other, and the meshing surface gradually moves toward the exhaust end. The air in the inter-tooth space is also transported to the exhaust end. That is, the conveying process is rdquo; (3) Compression and injection process. During the conveying process, as the rotor rotates, the volume of the tooth is continuously reduced due to the meshing of the rotor teeth. The volume of the gas in the volume between the teeth is also reduced, and the gas is compressed. The pressure is increased, that is, "compression Process & rdquo;. At the same time of compression, the lubricating oil is sprayed into the groove due to the pressure difference to mix with the air. (4) Exhaust process. When the rotor is turned to the interdental volume and communicates with the filter press chassis exhaust, the compressed gas begins to drain. This process continues until the profile at the end of the tooth is fully engaged. The volume is zero and the gas is completely discharged. That is, complete. & lsquo; exhaust process & rdquo;. Mastered the principles of four aspects, everyone should be aware of the screw air compressor.
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