1. Design of the meshing sub-line and its manufacturing process?
The screw and star-wheel meshing pair are the heart of the single screw air compressor, and its profile design And the quality of the processing technology is directly related to the performance and reliability of the whole machine. Compared with the twin-screw air compressor rotor type line, the screw and star wheel type lines are more complicated, and the processing technology is poor, and the production efficiency is low. In this way, the precision of the fit between the screw and the star wheel is difficult to ensure, and the life and reliability of the compressor are degraded.
2, Leakage
The rapid wear of the star wheel is the most important form of failure of the single screw air compressor. During the operation of the compressor, due to the transmission error caused by the machining accuracy, assembly precision and thermoelastic deformation of the rotor, the star wheel flutters in the groove, and the star teeth frequently collide with the screw groove, destroying the meshing. The lubricating oil film between the auxiliary parts causes excessive wear of the star gear teeth in severe cases, and even the teeth are broken, thereby causing leakage of the refrigerant and reducing the efficiency and reliability of the refrigeration system.
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