The six reasons why China Air Compressor Xiaobian introduces you to air compressor failure are as follows:

1. The current voltage is too low; The wiring is loose; the unit pressure exceeds the rated pressure; the oil separation core is blocked; the contactor is faulty; the main unit is faulty; the main motor is faulty;

2. The exhaust pressure is too high, the intake valve is faulty; the hydraulic cylinder is faulty; Solenoid valve (1SV) failure; pressure setting is too high; pressure sensor failure; pressure gauge failure; pressure switch failure;

3, fan motor overload fan deformation; fan motor failure; fan motor thermal relay failure; Loose wiring; clogging of the cooler; high exhaust resistance;

4. For example, the pressure of the unit of the screw air compressor is lower than the actual air volume of the unit; the deflation valve is faulty. Intake valve failure; hydraulic cylinder failure; load solenoid valve failure minimum pressure valve stuck; user pipe network has leakage; pressure setting is too low; pressure sensor failure; pressure gauge failure; pressure switch failure; pressure sensor or pressure gauge input soft Tube leaking;

5, row High temperature unit coolant level is too low; oil cooler is dirty; oil filter core is blocked; temperature control valve is faulty; oil cut solenoid valve is not energized or coil is damaged; oil cut solenoid valve diaphragm is broken or aged; fan motor is faulty The cooling fan is damaged; the exhaust duct is not smooth or the exhaust resistance is large; the ambient temperature exceeds the specified range; the temperature sensor is faulty; the pressure gauge is faulty;
6. The fuel consumption is too large or the compressed air contains a large amount of cooling dose. Too much, the correct position should be observed when the unit is loaded. At this time, the oil level should be no more than half; the return line is blocked; the installation of the return line does not meet the requirements; (Mobile screw machine) air compressor When the unit is running, the exhaust pressure is too low; the oil separation core is broken; the internal separator of the separation cylinder is damaged; the unit has oil leakage; the coolant is degraded or overdue.

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