What is causing thescrew air compressorCooler leak?

1. In order to reduce the power consumption of the air compressor and ensure the reliable operation of the air compressor, an intercooler is provided between the stages. In the intercooler, the gas is cooled by the cooling water by means of convective heat transfer. If the intercooler leaks, the gas passage communicates with the cooling water passage, and the direction of leakage depends on the pressure of the gas and the cooling water.
2, the intercooler behind the first stage of the air compressor, the cooling water pressure is usually higher than the gas pressure. Therefore, if the first stage intercooler leaks, the cooling water will enter the gas side, and the gas will be entrained with water, so that the amount of water blown by the first stage oil water separator is significantly increased.
3, screw air compressor In the second stage and later interstage coolers, the cooling water pressure is usually lower than the gas pressure. Therefore, if a leak occurs, the gas will leak into the cooling water. This will cause a large amount of air bubbles to overflow in the cooling water collection tank.

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