In the rainy weather, the air contained in the air is relatively high, and the humidity is also rising. This is very unfavorable for our screw air compressor. We need to do some measures to avoid the moisture of our air compressor. 1. Why do you need to do moisture-proof measures on the air compressor? 1) The various components of the air compressor are exposed, which is prone to rust in a cloudy environment and affects the overall life of the air compressor. 2) The air compressor has too much moisture in the air, which has a great influence on air filter, air compressor oil and oil separator. 2. Measures and methods for moisture-proof of air compressor: 1) Place desiccant or dehumidifying agent around screw air compressor. 2) Avoid water sources around the air compressor and keep the room dry. 3), need to ensure indoor ventilation, and air quality. 4) If the intake air humidity is too high, consider adding a dryer to the front end of the air compressor. As long as we follow the above measures, our screw compressors can avoid failures.

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