In the daily maintenance of air compressors, we will find a large amount of black matter, which is called residual carbon in the industry. Where did the residual carbon come from? What is the danger to the air compressor? With these questions, Chinese Air Compressor is a small series for everyone to introduce:
Residual carbon is a mixture. During the operation of the air compressor, due to factors such as high temperature and friction, some impurities are generated, and some of the aged lubricating oils are mixed together to form a so-called black matter residual carbon. The harmfulness of carbon residue:
1. When the residual carbon is mixed in the lubricating oil, it acts as a catalyst for the oxidation of the lubricating oil and accelerates the oxidation process. The final performance is to shorten the life of the lubrication. 2. When the residual carbon is mixed in the lubricating oil, it will affect the normal operation of the Chinese air compressor, such as causing wear of components such as the compression chamber and the exhaust valve, and causing the exhaust valve to malfunction. 3. Since residual carbon can cause wear of air compressor components, it can be considered as one of the factors that cause mechanical failure of the air compressor. 4. To a certain extent, residual carbon will also increase the heat of the metal, causing local overheating and other failures.
Combining the above points, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of residual carbon, and the existence of residual carbon is harmful to the normal operation of air compressors. Therefore, we must pay attention to the daily cleaning work and maintenance work of screw air compressor in the case of daily maintenance.
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