Screw air compressor High exhaust pressure is one of the most common things in air compressor maintenance. At the request of our customers, we wrote an article about the introduction and solution for the high pressure of China Air Compressor. Screw machine Cause analysis: 1 The intake valve jam can not be closed, resulting in constant loading; 2 The gas consumption is suddenly reduced; 3 The loading solenoid valve is faulty, blocked and then not completely blocked. 4 Unloading the solenoid valve failure, unloading failure, unloading until the pressure continues to rise; 5 pressure setting is too high; 6 pressure sensor failure. Solution: 1 Remove the intake valve, the card is not serious, and the rusted place is smoothed with sandpaper and lubricated with oil. Seriously replace the maintenance kit or assembly directly. 2 Check the change of gas consumption condition, if the gas volume is used to reduce the unloading pressure high value; 3. Check and eliminate the solenoid valve failure;
4 Adjust the pressure switch setting; 5 Replace the pressure sensor.
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