There are always some problems when the machine is used for a certain period of time. It is very common for the screw air compressor head to wear. The main reasons for the wear and abnormal noise of the machine head are as follows:

1. Screw air compressor Reasons for placing the environment and working environment. When our machines are operated in harsh environments, such as mines, cement, ceramics, etc., dust, sand, long-term work, this will cause the head wear.

2. Inferior lubricants or lubricants have not been replaced for a long time. Lubricating oil is equivalent to the blood of our body. It can lubricate during the operation of the machine and reduce the friction between parts and parts. It can also clean, seal and cool. When buying oil, we should buy the original authentic oil and use it for a certain period of time to replace it.

3. The filtering accuracy is not up to standard. Screw air compressor The filter is aged or blocked due to dust or the like. We should clean and replace the filter in time to ensure the filtration accuracy.

4. The machine lacks maintenance for a long time. Maintenance costs a certain amount of money. Many companies believe that the maintenance cost is too expensive, and the maintenance work is not carried out at regular intervals, which makes some spare parts work infrequently and eventually causes damage to the main unit.

5. In order to protect the safety of the unit, when the pressure switch is set incorrectly or fails, the air compressor is used, and the pressure in the oil and gas tank is 0.1Mpa higher than the rated pressure. The safety valve will open.

6. The minimum pressure valve at the outlet of the oil and gas separator above the oil and gas tank, the opening pressure is set to about 0.45Mpa.

7. There are two ways to cool the aftercooler: air-cooled and water-cooled, after cooling by the aftercooler to reduce the compressed air exhaust The temperature is used to ensure that the safe use of compressed air meets the parameters of the compressed air aftertreatment equipment.

8. After the air compressor is stopped, the relief valve opens the internal pressure in the discharge oil and gas tank, so that the air pressure can be no load again during the next operation. In the case of empty load operation and start.

Screw air compressor The host is equivalent to our heart, which is the most important thing for the whole machine, only to ensure the normal operation of the host. Our machines work properly, and they bring benefits to our business.
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