Screw air compressor What is the daily minor repair content? Give the answer in 8 steps!

There is only a rough distinction between minor repairs, intermediate repairs and overhauls of screw air compressors. There is no absolute boundary, and the specific conditions of each unit of use are different. The general minor repair is to eliminate individual defects of the screw compressor and replace individual parts including:

1. Clean the filter, valve and piping system; o:p>

2. Clean the grinding gas, replace the cutting or spring, etc.;

3 Check the cleaning lubrication system;

4. Check the repair and adjust each part of the bearing;

5. Verify the safety valve and pressure gauge.

6. Repair replacement seal packing;

7. Wash water jacket and cool

8. Check and tighten the screws on the crosshead, connecting rod, balance iron, etc.;

In order to meet the energy saving in the screw air compressor operation, there must be a high-efficiency variable speed drive motor. When the air compressor is running at full load, the motor can run efficiently; when the air compressor is under partial load, the motor can change the speed with the gas volume and still maintain high efficiency; when the air compressor does not need load, the motor can start without limit, Stop and reduce energy consumption to zero. This is the famous HPM hybrid permanent magnet motor.

Compared with ordinary three-phase asynchronous motors, hybrid permanent magnet motors and HPM hybrid permanent magnet motors have the following differences in structure: 1) winding of the stator of the motor The resistance is not monolithic, but it is divided into 8~12 sets in the stator seat of the motor. 2) Several permanent magnets are mounted on the silicon steel sheet of the motor rotor. Due to the presence of the permanent magnet, the electromagnetic coil on the stator of the motor generates a strong electromagnetic force between the stator and the row of permanent magnets, and the magnetic flux is increased by three times, so that the length of the motor can be shortened to 1/3 at the same power. . Therefore, the rotor of the motor can be omitted from the support and suspended on any driven rotor shaft.

Compared to ordinary three-phase inverter motors, screw air compressor has the following characteristics:

(1) The shift range is large. The efficiency and power factor of the motor is almost constant throughout the shift range.

(2) The motor can be started and stopped without restrictions. It will not cause the temperature rise of the motor to increase and the current to increase.

(3) The motor has good cooling effect and operational reliability.

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