VSD (gearshift drive) constrictive machine

Gearshift drive (Variable Speed Driver) , normally abbreviation is VSD, it is the mark of constrictive air category. The air of equipment VSD is constrictive machine is OK its carry rotate speed spends self-correcting, with real time accurate marry constrictive air demand. Pondering constrictive machine to always have the most persnickety side of capital is the electric power that its consume, is not air of constrictive machine oneself purchase price, this is in energy-saving respect especially important!

Even and character, according to use scale and type, VSD technology can reduce these dynamical capital 35% to 50% . Turn this per cent into fare, can save many money.

Is labour frequency constrictive does constrictive machine have machine and frequency conversion what distinction?

We understand frequency of one come off work and frequency conversion first a few distinction between constrictive machine. Calm fast constrictive machine is sophisticated machine normally, later period capital is inferior. Turn over start working frequency constrictive machine, let it run amain, close till demand till. This is not a complex concept.

Frequency conversion is constrictive the production of machine is not to continue amain movement. It does it is only not merely run and stop. Those who replace is, they marry input and demand bearing well and truly, make they are compared calm fast constrictive machine all the more is careful. The initiative investment that this means these machines can be met add greatly.

  What time should ponder frequency conversion constrictive machine?

Although frequency conversion technology sounds,the ideal that is any enterprises chooses, but it always does not handle program suitably! The ideal that constrictive machine is demand oscillatory enterprise chooses frequency conversion; Can ponder movement the equipment of different technological process. Can the detailed state of constrictive machine includes demand equipment frequency conversion:

>Constrictive airy demand is put in apparent difference between different job post;

>Demand follows day of order, task (namely on the weekend) or season sex shakes; Consume the pressure area of demand rigor probably.

If flow is divergent in movement, and did not encounter demand shake, probably these change are not big, so use labour frequency constrictive function is fit choice quite.

Still can ponder labour frequency constrictive machine union is in constrictive machine and frequency conversion together processing program, constrictive machine offers labour frequency essential load, (or many) frequency conversion is constrictive the change of ” of machine “ fine tuning with satisfying requirement.

Does constrictive machine have frequency conversion what benefit?

>Although frequency conversion is constrictive,machines and tools has taller initiative investment capital, but they can remand through the section added investment. The change of demand is bigger, potential waste is bigger.

>The task pressure limits of constrictive machine compares frequency conversion labour frequency is constrictive confidential is narrow much. They are in recommend inferiorly the task below pressure, still hold to air at the same time the pressure of the least job that fragmentary place needs. All constrictive air that they still can be whole equipment are used offer more fluctuant discharge pressure.

>The clean pressure of constrictive machine can install frequency conversion for under labour frequency the sky of constrictive machine carries pressure.

>Constrictive machine can be in frequency conversion start below completely fragmentary pressure / break down. Need not discharging, when be being saved already save labour. Also do not have spin art loss, also discharge a loss without what break out in normal movement.