If the daily maintenance of screw air compressor oil is not good, it may lead to poor quality and deterioration. In order to maintain the quality of air compressor oil, what should we do? 1. Special storage warehouses and oil tanks should be set up for air compressor oil storage. Oil tanks, oils are applied to oil, and at the same time mark the name, brand, oil time and quality standard library; 2. Regular analysis and testing of oil storage to check the quality status. Dispose of unqualified oil measures to avoid misuse and accidents; 3. Oil tanks and oil should be inspected and repaired regularly. After each inspection and repair, the inside of the tank is thoroughly cleaned to maintain the purity of the oil tank and oil; 4. China The small editor of the press believes that it needs to be kept in a ventilated warehouse, dry and clean. Have a perfect fire protection facility and "no fireworks" sign.
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