China Air Compressor There are many reasons for the downtime, so we need to analyze and solve according to different situations, then we can solve the problem according to the following steps.

(1) Insufficient or excessive refrigerant, please make up the vacuum, add enough refrigerant or release excess refrigerant.

(2) The capillary assembly (including the filter) is clogged and the suction temperature is raised. Replace the capillary assembly.

(3) Air leakage inside the four-way valve constitutes a malfunction, and is updated after the damage is confirmed.

(4) The air compressor itself is faulty, such as short circuit, open circuit, shelling, etc., and the air compressor is replaced after checking.

(5) The protection relay itself is faulty. Please use a multimeter to check whether the contact is turned on when the air compressor is not hot. If it is not connected, replace it with a new one. When replacing the 5528, 5532 air compressor, check the starting capacitor and the starting relay (if one of them is damaged, both must be replaced at the same time).

(6) The high pressure is too high and the pressure relay is active. Please analyze the cause and exclude it.

(7) The condenser is poorly ventilated or short-circuited by airflow. Please remove obstacles on the outdoor side and clean the condenser.

(8) The system is mixed with non-condensable liquid gas (such as air), please vacuum and refill.

The operating current of China's air compressor is too large, please find out the reasons to be excluded.

The temperature of the outdoor unit is too high. Please keep away from heat and avoid the sun.

Air compressor card cylinder or axle. The rubber air hammer or hammer pad can be used to knock the vibrating air compressor casing, or the parallel capacitor and fluorine free air load method may be used to start the air compressor, but if it is invalid, the air compressor should be replaced.

Common reasons why Chinese air compressors cannot start normally:

1. If the contactor is not closed, it is mainly due to the electrical reasons of the air compressor.

(1) First check whether the power supply wiring of the air compressor is correct, whether the power switch has been closed, whether the power fuse is blown, and whether the power supply voltage reaches 90% or more of the rated voltage.

(2) Check whether all components of the pressure relay of the air compressor power supply are damaged, and whether the pressure relay set value is appropriate.

(3) Check whether the working fluid in the temperature controller of the air compressor is leaking, whether the components of the controller are damaged or not, and whether the temperature indication position is adjusted properly.

Second, if the contactor is closed and the air compressor cannot be started, it is likely that the motor is faulty or the air compressor has a mechanical failure;

(1)Check the motor wiring phase sequence Is it correct, use the multimeter European mother file to test whether the motor winding has short circuit or open circuit.

(2) Check if the running parts of the air compressor are caught or stuck due to insufficient lubrication or too small clearance. When the shaft or the cylinder is faulty, the impurities in the lubricating oil should be removed, the new lubricating oil should be replaced, and the oil passage should be unblocked.

The reason why China's air compressor can't start

1. The external three-machine power supply is out of power or out of phase.

2. The emergency stop button is faulty or the wires are loose.

3. The air compressor is in an automatic stop state or the outlet switch is not open.

4. Transformer failure or wire loss.

5. Control panel failure.

6. Starter coil failure or poor contact contact.

7. The air compressor is in a fault condition.

8. The drive belt is broken. What to do if the air compressor is hot in summer

9. The power switch trips or the fuse is disconnected.
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