After the air compressor has been used for a long time, it is impossible to say that there is no fault. Therefore, before using the air compressor, be sure to check it to avoid or avoid the failure. The following Chinese Air Compressor is a small series to talk to you about this matter.

1. Check whether the connecting rod, connecting rod bushing and main bearing bush are worn, strained or burnt, whether the connecting rod bolt is loose, whether the main oil passage is unblocked; it is recommended to replace the worn or severely damaged The bearing bush, the bushing, the main bearing bush, tighten the connecting rod bolt, and align the oil inlet hole of the air compressor with the compressed air oil hole; the air clears the main oil passage. When reassembling, pay attention to the spindle bearings.

2. Check if the main and passive pulleys are the same. If they are inconsistent, please replace them and adjust the belt tightness.

3. Check the oil inlet pressure and oil pipeline for damage and blockage. If the pressure is insufficient, adjust, clean and replace the failed pipeline immediately; check the oil quality and impurity content of the lubricant, and use For standard comparison, it should be replaced immediately when the standard exceeds the standard; check whether the air compressor is supplied with oil. If there is no oil supply, it should be thoroughly inspected immediately.

4. Check if the screw air compressor fixing bolt is loose and given for fastening.
5, the air compressor of the gear transmission should also check whether the gear is loose or the gear is fitted and fitted. The loose nut of the nut should be replaced if there is any problem.

6. Remove foreign matter.

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