1. How should the exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor be too low?

It is generally checked from four aspects whether there is a problem, the first is the intake valve, the second is the supply of air is excessive, and the third is the air compressor Whether the air filter plug is blocked by foreign matter, and finally check whether the oil and gas separation core is blocked. Generally, the above four problems are caused by this situation. However, the newly purchased air compressors generally do not have such problems. Generally, air compressors that have been used for many years will have such problems.
2. What should I do if the gas content of the gas generated by the screw air compressor is too high?
For companies that are very concerned about air quality, it is critical that the air contains too much oil. There are many reasons for this problem. First, the oil and gas is too high. Second, the return pipe filter or orifice is blocked. The third is that the oil and gas separation core is damaged. The fourth possibility is that the oil control system of the air compressor leaks oil, and there is no air. The gas pressure generated by the press is too low, and finally the problem of the lubricating oil itself. If the lubricating oil used in the screw air compressor has too much foam, it will cause such a problem.

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