When the screw air compressor head has a stuck fault, first disconnect the motor from the air compressor head. Check that the machine head is turned separately to confirm that it has been stuck. This fault is a serious fault. Disassemble by yourself and contact the technical center in time to determine the repair plan. The following China Air Compressor is a small series to give you a brief introduction to the reasons for the failure of the card?
1. The gap at the exhaust end of the machine head is poor. After the user uses the general two heavy-duty working days, the jam occurs, and the fault should be easily determined by measuring the gap value during the dismantling.
2, oil quality problems. It may be that the user does not change the oil in time, the quality is not good, the mixed oil or the oil is too dirty, and the head is poorly cooled. The carbon deposit causes the rotor to sinter with the casing, which occurs mostly in the rotor exhaust end face and the casing or The outer circumference of the rotor shaft and the inner hole of the casing.
3, the gap at the intake end of the nose is poorly stuck. The air inlet can be seen with the naked eye whether there is a sintering phenomenon at the air inlet end. This fault causes the exhaust end positioning bearing to wear excessively. The axial displacement of the air inlet end causes the intake end clearance to be too small, which is generally common in self-repairing. The head and the positioning nut have incorrect locking torque.
4, reverse card death. When reversing, the thrust generated by the compressed air will push the rotor toward the exhaust end, causing the metal contact to sinter and become stuck. Therefore, it usually occurs only when the protection fails, or when the motor is replaced, the switch is replaced, and the like.
5, foreign matter enters the card to die. The foreign matter is sucked in from the air inlet, causing the screw air compressor to be stuck.
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