Operators who believe that the screw air compressor is used sometimes find that the air pressure gauge does not reach the starting pressure value when the motor is running and the air compressor is inflating the air reservoir. ,Why does this happen? Shanghai DSNEair professional tells us that this is caused by insufficient pressure. If you find that the air pressure of the screw air compressor is insufficient, you can check the air compressor:

1. If there are too many deposits in the separator, pipeline or air filter, check whether the oil-water separator and the air filter and the pipeline are too dirty to cause blockage. If it is blocked, it should be cleaned immediately. Object.

2. It may be that the barometer is out of order. If the pressure gauge is insufficient, the motor can be run at medium speed for a few minutes. The pressure is still not rising or rising slowly. When the brake pedal is depressed, the sound is released. Very strong, indicating that the barometer has been damaged, then the barometer should be repaired or replaced.

3. The air compressor exhaust valve plate is not tightly sealed, the spring is too soft or broken, the air compressor cylinder head bolt loose, the blisters and the cylinder head gasket are damaged. Leakage, check the air compressor's exhaust valve for leaks, springs are too soft or broken, etc. Replace or repair damaged parts according to the faults found.