Screw air compressorTwo common phenomena occur in the event of a fault:

1. The air compressor exhaust temperature is too high;
2, the operating part of the air compressor is hot. Diagnosis and troubleshooting of screw air compressor:
Check the loose pressure valve assembly when the air intake is unloaded, and remove or replace the defective parts with stuck. Check the unloading valve when the exhaust is unloaded. If the unloading valve is blocked or stuck, it should be cleaned or replaced.

The reason for the screw air compressor failure is as follows:
1. The air compressor's loose pressure valve or unloading valve does not work, resulting in no rest in the air compressor.
2, air compressor system air brake system leakage caused serious air compressor without rest.
3, the operating part of the air compressor is insufficient for oil supply and pull the cylinder.
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