Many manufacturers who use air compressors may have encountered black screens on the air compressor panel. Don't worry, we will give you the DSNEair after-sales staff. answer. . .

1, the control panel is faulty. (Replace the control panel)

2. The emergency stop button is broken or the wires are loose. (Check the emergency stop button to check if the wires are loose.)

3, the drive belt is broken. (Replace the new belt)

4. The air pressure at the outlet of the air compressor is too high. (The filter smokes when there is no load)

5. The external three-machine power supply is powered off or out of phase. (Check the switch and measure the three-phase voltage)

6. The starter coil is faulty or the contact is not well connected. (Replace the starter or contact inspection and maintenance)

7, the air compressor is in the automatic stop state. (Check if the outlet pressure is higher than the setting)

8, the power switch trips or the fuse is disconnected, (the switch is restored after checking the electrical circuit)

9, transformer failure or line dropout . (The transformer is replaced with a new one or the wire is reconnected)

10, the air compressor is in a fault state. (Troubleshooting)