Why cannot use the constrictive gas of pneumatics machine eduction directly?

Air is had but constrictive sex, via air constrictive machine decreases to air oneself bulk, the air after pressure progresses makes constrictive air.

From pneumatics machine vent the constrictive air of direct eduction, have the following characteristic:

Water is contained in ▊ air, include water mist vapor, condensate

In air, the air that contains certain amount vapor makes moist air, the air of not hydrous steam makes do air. We the air all around is moist air. Below certain height above sea level, composition of dry airy composition and scale fluctuate at all changeless, it is versed in to the heat of whole moist air the function does not have special significance, although the vapor content in moist air is not big, but the change of content is simple to the content sensibility of moist air the impact is very big. The how many resolution of vapor content airy is as dry as a chip with wet level.

Moist air by constrictive hind, vapor density is added, temperature also rises. When constrictive air is cool, absolutely humidity is added, drop to be amounted to to absolutely humidity continuously when temperature 100% when, have water from the separate out in constrictive air, at this moment temperature is ” of dew point of pressure of constrictive airy “ .

▲ some not well-known trademark, by rusty conduit

The oiliness in ▊ air, include smeary, oily steam

Because air is in constrictive process,the oily portion in air records oily smooth and constrictive machine be contacted with oil and contain oil, even if passes oily mist take leave of implement take leave of also won't get rid of oil entirely, commonly used oily mist take leave of implement can control the oil content in air between 3ppm-6ppm.

▲ some not well-known trademark, by the equipment of smeary attaint

All sorts of ▊ solid state material

The delicate last stage that if become rusty,bead of delicate last stage of powder of mud, metal, balata, tar reachs filter material, sealed data, in addition still material of a variety of hurtless chemistry peculiar smell wait.

▲ some not well-known trademark, damaged pneumatic equipment

The change of occasion of ▊ low temperature

Through constrictive air temperature, local water and oily portion already became spirit can.

International standard is organized (ISO) what belong to machinery of constrictive machine, pneumatic and tool committee (TC118) put forward to be mixed about equipment of constrictive air as dry as a chip pollution 1986 the international of constrictive air quality is normative, among them ISO8573.1 of standard of grade of constrictive air quality purifies constrictive air mediumly content cent is solid impurity, water and oil 3 kinds (our country is coequal used ISO8573 namely country standard GB/T13277 - 91 " general is general and constrictive for nothing, chart is as follows.

ISO8573-1: 2010 in grade of regular constrictive air quality is as follows:

Grain of the solid in expressing 1—— constrictive air pollutes grade

Water pollution order and degree always is contained in constrictive air

Total oil content pollutes grade in constrictive air


Why should stop to remove water to constrictive air does as dry as a chip, pollution filter deal with?

■ 1, the quality that constrictive airy quality affects a product directly, wait for an industry to medicine, food, careful electron, spin especially.

■ 2, average machine and common pneumatic loop cross filter precision <40μm; Motor of logistic component, efflux component, gas filter precision <10μm; Bearing of food, medicine, electron, air filter precision <5μm. Without constrictive air of pollution, apply to equipment be being consumed with the product is adverse.

■ 3, have very big effect to the electromagnetism a powerful person, air cylinder life that contains sealed component device) , the loss that forms from this often surmounts gas source to deal with greatly the capital of installation and upkeep costs.

■ 4, be like the infarction valve without what deal with, corrode pipeline thereby, form the air filter of pneumatics machine, equipment of aircraft of pneumatics of as time passes can'ts bear heavy burden, can form attaint to bring about consumptive backwater, if come again right now,pneumatics machine meets maintenance to be formed accordingly safeguard capital to add, serious meeting product discards as useless.

■ 5, fall in a variety of hidden trouble, how can the in good health peace that contacts personnel also coerce accordingly, consumption and task environment suffer an effect.

Consequently, do not suggest to use air directly the constrictive air of constrictive machine eduction, indispensible stop to remove water to constrictive air as dry as a chip, pollution filters deal with.


Does an in good condition gas source deal with fragmentary what is there?

By happen, deal with and what place of constrictive airy equipment comprises keep in storage is fragmentary call gas source fragmentary. Typical gas source is fragmentary normally by following and local composition:

Air is constrictive machine, hind condenser, filter, gas tank, as dry as a chip machine (refrigerant type or adsorptive type) , automatic catchment blowdown implement, a powerful person of conduit transporting gas, pipeline, appearance. The diverse demand of afore-mentioned equipment basis technological process, the gas source with constituent in good condition solution is fragmentary.